Emblazon Interior Design Studio takes its name from a word that means ‘to make resplendent with brilliant colours’ or ‘to adorn richly with prominent markings.’

It is a bold proclamation that embraces not just the philosophy of interior designers, MaryAnne Williams and Raewyn Dodds, but depicts the very essence of their unique solutions for beautifying the home.

Previously located Harris Rd, East Tamaki, but now home based in Brookby since 2011. Emblazon Design Studio is a hot zone of ideas.

“We wanted our new location to stand out and by using the studio windows to make a statement we hope people will recognise our passion for original and creative interiors,” says MaryAnne.

While the pair revel in furnishing rooms that are individual and innovative, they also recognise that the end result must be harmonious and reflect the owner’s personality and style.

To this end they offer:

• Interior/exterior colour consultancy
• Soft furnishing advice
• Full upholstery service and custom-made furniture
• Accessorises
• Exquisite bed linen from Europe and locally
• Floor and window treatments
• Drapes, Blinds, Shutters

“Our design service is extremely accommodating,” says Raewyn. “Whether clients want a stunning new-look bedroom or help with choosing new curtains, cushions and rugs to tie in with a new lounge suite we can help them to achieve a gorgeous outcome within their budget.”

Aware that many people start out thinking they can manage on their own then discover how confusing it can be when confronted with literally thousands of colours, fabrics, styles, and products, Raewyn and MaryAnne say that they save their clients time and money.

“We invite anyone contemplating a residential or commercial makeover regardless of whether it is a single room or entire makeover, to first discuss their ideas at Emblazon Interior Design Studio,” says Raewyn.

“We can save them the time-consuming, difficult and often exhausting task of sourcing and co-ordinating the many different aspects of successful interior design. What’s more we have access to companies who supply only to architects and designers and deal with distributors who do not retail to the public.”

Between MaryAnne and Raewyn’s distinctive style and their ability to work on almost any size project, Emblazon Interior Design Studio offers a comprehensive and creative design service.

Furthermore clients can have complete confidence in   their credentials. MaryAnne’s comprehensive design background started some 10 years ago when she completed the Nanette Cameron Design Course before embarking on a three year Diploma of Interior Design at the Auckland School of Interior Décor. Raewyn’s extensive career encompasses floristry, jewellery design, fashion and interiors reflecting a lifetime interest in aesthetics and form.

So if you are keen to renovate, refurbish, paint or paper, tile a bathroom or carpet the lounge, need help with curtains or want a complete new look without parting with some of your favourite objects d’art.

Brookby, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 271 4916 or +64 21 746 848
Email: raewyn@emblazon.co.nz

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